2013 Release 3 Delphi Diagnostic Tools & Equipment DS150E Auto CDP+ With Bluetooth

What we are going to talk about is the 2013 Release 3 Delphi Diagnostic Tools & Equipment DS150E Auto CDP+ With Bluetooth.The version is 2013.03V;and this tool has a bluetooth.

Delphi DS150E owns all functionality of the DS100E and increase more,and transfers it onto a PC platform.
It can diagnose faster,it supports diagnostics on around 54,000 vehicle systems and on more than 4,000 models from over 48 vehicle manufacturers.
It has full system coverage for BMW, VAG, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall, Rover, Fiat, Volvo, Mazda, Mercedes, Smart, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai,etc.

Now,we are going to know the languages it supports.They includes English , Cesky, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Greek, Hollands, Hungarian, Italiano, Norsk, Polish, Romania,Russian, Srpski, Suomen kieli, Svenska, Turkish and so on.

The functions of Delphi DS150e:

1.It can read and erase error codes and SLR all system,such as Petrol and Diesel Engine Management,Instrument panel,ABS, Climate control, Immobiliser, Gearbox,SRS and Multifunction(Central Body, Central Locking,Convenience Systems, Chassis, Infotainment, Lights, Navigation, Seats, TPMS etc-Vehicle Specific);
2.It will check,graph and save live data;
3.It can activate component;
4.ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration (initialization of new components, particulate filter regeneration, Diesel Injector coding, TPMS etc);
5. It can complete scan all ECU/ECM’s on vehicle platform,and it is configurable by system;
6.It has a full vehicle infomation tree,it doesn’t need to be connected to a vehicle-customer reporting system, just directly link to Delphi Technical Data,and it will allow vehicle specific check of OBD functionality .

The features of Delphi DS150:

1.Bluetooth Vehicle Communication Interfaces;
2.Now the tool is the newest one Delphi 2013 release 3,Compatibility better than auto,and it keeps updating;
3.It has new design and new Hardware,diagnose faster; 4.More the 4,000 models from over 48 Vehicle Manufacturer which ncludes 85% European models; 5.Exceptional value for money – operates from a garages existing PC;

Pay attention to following points when you install 2013 Delphi DS150e software:

First,make sure your PC hadn’t install any other version autocom or cardiag M8 software.Don’t have any other software which is not conpatibility with it;
Second,your computer system should be compatible with this software.

Over 95% users can install this software successfully. Some users will meet error prompt when install it. This 2013 software is sensitive to computer,that’s why some users say they can install the old version successfully, but cannot install this 2013 version on the same computer.

If the software or your system is not compatible with it, it will meet the following problem:1) Software cannot recognize the hardware, means VCI NO Found problem;2) You can’t update the hardware;3) Hardware test result is OK, but you can’t use it to test your car.

When you meet these problems,I mean if there is some other software can’t compatible with this software,pls reinstall the system and format the HDD(because if there still has the file in your PC which influences the installation of this software,problems can’t be solved),then reinstall the software again.

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The Delphi PC-based diagnostics solution

A PC based version of the DS100E, the Delphi DS150E takes all the functionality and coverage of the DS100E and transfers it onto a PC platform. Using the latest Bluetooth wireless technology our DS150E offers the same extensive coverage of on board electronic systems on petrol and diesel applications. It offers the user continued mobility and flexibility, whilst providing the added benefit of results being shown clearly on a PC screen. And because it can be operated from a garage’s existing PC, this reduces the cost of investment, making it an exceptional value tool. Like the DS100E, the addition of Diesel Max software, enables garage focused diagnostics on Delphi equipped vehicles. It’s also easy to upgrade, with regular updates available to keep the user in step with the latest OE technology.

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Car repair faulty emergency repair methods teach you tips vehicle appears

Emergency repair tips, car travel will inevitably be some failures, we must temporarily take some emergency repair methods. Now we will repair some of the simple tips to introduce to you.

1, tank damage. Motor vehicles in use, found that leak from the tank, oil spills can be wiped clean place, with soap or bubble gum coated in oil at the temporary blockage; with epoxy adhesive patch, the better.

2, pipeline rupture. Can be ruptured pipeline rupture when rubbed clean, apply soap, with a cloth or tape wrapped around the pipe rupture and tied tightly with wire and then coated with a layer of soap.

3, tubing broken. Can find a fit with tubing diameter rubber or plastic tubing pipe sockets when broken. If the socket is not tight enough, then both ends of the wire tied tight to prevent leakage.

4, head and other parts of the vehicle trachoma and oil spills, leaks. According to trachoma size, choose the appropriate specifications for electrical fuses, hand hammer gently drop into the blisters, you can eliminate oil spills, leaks.

5, tubing joints leak. When using a motor vehicle, such as engine oil pipe joints leak, mostly flared tubing and tubing nut is not sealed due. Available yarn wound on the edge of the next speaker, then the tubing and tubing fittings and tighten the nut; can also be chewed bubble gum or maltose into a paste, applied to the seat tubing nut mouth, let it dry condensate newcomer seal. Also be leather or leather pants with a hole cut into the drop-type or shape, placement can also cut the molding with a length of plastic pipe placement.

6, precipitation Cup rupture. Tube or plastic tube to precipitate out of the cup with tubing put on tape, so that the oil does not go through precipitation Cup straight.

7, the inlet and outlet hose rupture. Rupture is not available coated with a layer of soap wrapped cloth leaks; such as cracks larger, ruptured hose can be cut, put in the middle of a bamboo or iron pipe, and tight wire bundles.

8, the fan belt breaks. The belt can be broken or tied with wire series using open the stop solution to drive away.

9 holes slider. Screw rod slider cause spills or loose, it does not work. Repair the original screw with a hammer can hammer flat, so both sides of the expansion increases (note not to hammer the top few buttons to make into the hole) and then fastening a good, but not repeatedly demolished when the time until the next maintenance delphi ds150e.

10, or diaphragm pump diaphragm rupture or breakage. Remove the diaphragm pump can be disassembled, glue boards, electrical insulation bakelite or plastic-like dimensions saw filing by prototype molding and polished fitted, or directly through the tubing to the fuel pump.

11, valve spring break. After the valve spring break, spring break can be removed to turn off the two installed, you can use. May also find a one millimeter thick metal, cut into 1 mm than the diameter of the spring disc, cut a hole inside diameter smaller than the spring diameter 4 mm, 6 mm outer edge every 4 mm length of cut rip, cut after every one folded a form-sided spring slot, and then turn around a spring loaded metal tank can be used. As spring broken into several sections, you can enter the cylinder, exhaust valve adjustment screws removed, so that the valve remains closed, allowing the cylinder to stop working.

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Facilitate the safe use of the car itself decoder forget preparedness others

When in late June of this year, a unit of a Junsao drove out parking, remember the car key remote control function has been on the locked car. But when she returned to the car after finishing things, they found a bag in the car were missing, while the locks and body are intact. Local police found after surveying the scene, which is a typical use of car theft in the decoder implementation. The decoder also known as automobile automotive fault diagnostic, and automotive connectors, you can read the electronic information system failures and help repair personnel to quickly and accurately determine fault and condition. Automotive vehicles generally have a remote lock function, the principle is the vehicle when locking and unlocking the car key remote control signals generated password is sent to the receiving device in the car after encryption, passwords, and when this group receiving device matches the door on opens. Criminals is to lock the car owners using the decoder reads the data in the control function, the code signal sent to intercept the remote copy down the owner, the owner of a leave after opened the door, and stole the car belongings.

See above case, you are not a thief now marveling hsiang, pervasive it? Then you would be wrong to carry out the theft, there is no corresponding technical knowledge, it is impossible to do.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, used in engine control system, electronically controlled automatic transmission, ABS anti-lock braking, SRS airbags, electronic suspension, cruise control and other related electronic control systems on the car are increasingly more, and repair industry as a troubleshooting method also has experience in the diagnosis of human development by the appropriate equipment for diagnosis, especially some of the electronic control system imported luxury cars can only be diagnosed by the equipment, and in many of these among the equipment we use is the most common electronic control system detector, known as the decoder.

Automotive decoder is actually the name of a broad sense, the current market auto decoders common in three ways: The first is the traditional sense of aftermarket tools called automotive fault diagnostic. It is for our cars to provide maintenance to equipment failure code and data, there is no risk of theft of the car; second car decoder chip, also called car keys matching instrument. This machine can be said to be double-edged sword, beneficial to have disadvantages, which in many cases lost car keys flourish, car keys matching to solve the problem, it can be said in this regard Automotive decoder chip is denied. However, such tools once in the hands of criminals, has become the root cause of crime. Now the car chip decoder, easy to operate, leading technology outflow. In the absence of effective management mechanism, in the market economy stimulus, whether producers or sellers mercenary, who makes use of the product audit, resulting in a large number of automotive chip decoder outflow into the hands of social workers. For this car immobilizer chip current situation is almost no preventive measures. If you really want to effectively prevent, motor vehicles must be removed OBD interface; third car decoder is the most harmful to an electronic tool. Is pure criminals stealing cars ready for remote control decoder. It is by receiving the majority of owners of remote control signals to the various functions of the remote copy is equivalent to lock as soon as you press the remote control when the car thief had already got your car remote control. This is why obviously put a good lock, or stolen, and there is no trace of damage. According to research this kind of remote control decoder is very powerful, as long as your remote control signal received either lock or unlock the car signals the signal, you can put all your remote control function to copy. Whether it is to open the door, lock the door or open the trunk. Thus, according to the majority of owners should be alert to this it works within 20 meters when no other suspicious persons can use the remote control to lock the car. If the high traffic areas, try to lock the car with the key.

Initial application of high technology for the convenience of users’ lives, but always had to take advantage of some criminals take advantage. So reminded owners. But also to facilitate their defense of others, be safe to travel.

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Delphi DS150E Diagnostic Tools Installation video

To buy Delphi DS150E Diagnostic Tools

Contact Us:
Skype: obd2works
Email: obd2works@gmail.com
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Delphi Release “plug and play” car networking solutions

Delphi Automotive Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the Chinese market, its innovative, cloud-based Internet service new car: Delphi Connect. Following the successful listing in the United States, Delphi Connect upcoming breakthrough for the Chinese car owners’ car to the cloud / cloud to the car, “the car interconnection services. Users simply insert the Delphi Connect module board diagnostic (OBD) port, you can easily and quickly receives a lot of important information to the vehicle via smart phone or Delphi system sites, such as the health condition of the vehicle data, driving records, etc., but also can Driving distance setting boundaries, tracking vehicles. Delphi Connect can be used in 2003 and beyond, most of the models produced in China. Delphi’s chief technology officer, Jeffrey Owens said: “DelphiConnect remote control can help owners locate their vehicles anywhere, anytime tune to see it driving history can help owners keep track of the health status of the car, as if to bring a car. diagnostic technician with your peers. ” Owners simply inserted into the device-board diagnostic (OBD) port (the port is usually located under the steering column) of the vehicle, these features can be achieved. Delphi Connect provides a dedicated secure cloud server to store data, and allows the driver to access certain information on the vehicle. Users simply by smartphone mobile application (Android or Apple) or Delphi system Web site, you can enjoy many services provided by Delphi Connect, including: Vehicle Health Alert: When the engine, security systems, such as vehicle exhaust system problems or problems hidden, DelphiConnect will automatically alert the owner via text message or e-mail. Vehicle Tracking: real-time tracking of the vehicle, showing the location of the vehicle speed and direction to facilitate fleet management. Vehicle Location: through the website or mobile phone owners, in any place, any time, to locate his car remote control, easy to find your car. Driving History / driver log: Provides car travel summary. Safe Driving Monitor: When someone driving your own vehicle, locate the position of the vehicle at any time. Vehicle owners can also set up a designated area (also known as electronic fence), when the car out of the electronic fence area, car owners will receive information across the fence. Customer service management: the automotive aftermarket, the engineers can provide remote vehicle diagnostics through Delphi Connect, roadside assistance, repair and maintenance, vehicle health status monitoring and fault management services. Customers can download and apply to Android 2.2 Apple iOS 5.0 or later Delphi ds150e applications and smart phones, can also be viewed through the Delphi system to monitor vehicle information website. Delphi Connect system website is compatible with multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer and older versions of the 7 IE browser, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Website run by Delphi system data is securely encrypted. Programmable features Delphi Delphi Connect will allow in the future and improve the quality of services and products.

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DELPHI electronic control system troubleshooting

DELPHI electronic control system troubleshooting , and repair Wang talks about the electronic control system for your general troubleshooting steps and , obviously intermittent troubleshooting procedures and other methods , in the hope that more owners and repair technicians help.

Tools / materials : DELPHI DS150E electronic control system

Wang automotive diagnostic repair

Methods / steps: general troubleshooting steps are as follows

( 1 ) diagnostic content.

( 2 ) to confirm customer complaints or symptoms.

( 3 ) the ignition switch to “ON”, but do not start the engine , the engine malfunction indicator light is observed.

( 4 ) Check that the engine malfunction indicator lamp circuit is normal.

( 5 ) Use 431ME normal display diagnostic information to confirm whether the engine control unit.

( 6 ) Start the engine and observe whether the normal engine start.

( 7 ) Are there any fault codes.

( 8 ) Wang diagnostic Comparison repair data stream on the display measured value of the reference engine diagnostic data , measured values ​​are observed in the normal range.

( 9 ) one by one to check and confirm the fault code.

( 10 ) Check the wiring associated components are normal.

Clear fault code , confirm whether the repair is completed.

Intermittent obvious troubleshooting procedures

For obvious intermittent failure problem, follow these steps to check the following example :

An initial inspection

Before performing this step is necessary to complete the general troubleshooting procedures. After careful observation , and can correct problems found to reduce the time required for troubleshooting . Initial inspection order as follows:

( 1 ) confirm the engine control unit assembly Ground area clean and proper locking .

( 2 ) Check the vacuum tubes and joints , cracks or loose and cause leaks due .

If ( 3 ) Check the throttle body or air inlet leaks.

If ( 4 ) Check the spark plug high voltage coil seated , make sure no cracks or broken wires , and remove spark plug fouling .

( 5 ) Verify that all circuit terminals and connecting wires are connected properly.

2, according to the troubleshooting process checks

Use the troubleshooting flow chart for a thorough inspection , replacement parts do not necessarily need to deal with the problem .

3 circuit connection failure

Most intermittent faults are caused by poor contact in the circuit , should be carefully examined following the suspected lines:

① leads to poor contact ; ② does not touch the terminal section (Figure 18-6); ③ terminal damage ; ④ terminals and circuit loose.

4 , road test

If based on experience and careful measurement and inspection , has yet to find the cause of the fault , the road should be real vehicle detection , and also part of the circuit using a voltmeter for measurement of the suspected or use 431ME diagnostic tests read fault with the real vehicle information, when the line after checking and fault code storage .

5 , intermittent engine fault indicator shows

Intermittent engine fault indicator light, but no fault code , it may be for the following reasons :

① The engine control unit (ECM) poor grounding .

② the relay does not operate normally , the engine control unit (ECM) or a solenoid driven switch , the electronic system caused by dry excellent.

③ inappropriate choice of electrical installations , including lighting, change radio channels , music system or alarm systems.

④ spark plug ignition control circuit wiring should be in order to check the ignition system to the generator , and engine control unit (ECM) to a low-voltage circuit of the ignition system should have a good grounding .

⑤ secondary ignition side short to ground .

engine fault indicator or diagnostic test terminal generates an intermittent short circuit.

6, the fuel system

Some intermittent failure may be due to poor quality of fuel produced , when the real vehicle test if sometimes suddenly stalled or other failure occurs , please check whether the customer has to buy gasoline following circumstances :

( 1 ) whether they have the same gas station ? If yes, could be fuel quality problems.

( 2 ) whether the gas station to buy cheaper oil ? If it is , you need to check whether the tank sediment , water or other impurities.

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How To Use The Delphi DS150E

If you would like to do your auto investigation, you should have a PC, jack cables, interface connector, auto code reader (Delphi DS150E scanner), and also a listing of codes and initialisms on your auto.

Now I wanna share you the procedure of using the Delphi DS150E:

First,install the application program. The Delphi DS150E should be set up on your PC first, because the scanner needs to be read on a PC. Notice that just specific Delphi DS150E may operate with the iPhone, if you are having an iPhone. The scanner program comes with all the apps that you might want to set up in order to see the codes that supplied by the diagnostic tool.

Second,search for the interface and connect the scanner to it. As that is where it located, it is available in the dashboard. In the event you cannot locate the interface you might reference the guide.

Third,the OBD2 scanner tool comes with directions on obtaining a reading. In the event you do the procedure right, you ought to begin to see the codes on your screen. Go Through the code translation sheet to find out why your automobile is in a glitch. If the thing is easy, you most likely will have the ability to repair it and you don’t have to go to the machinist and can save your money.

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